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Remo Friedrich


If there is anything to be learned about me, it is that I am primarily very happy with my life. My family, which is not only the most important thing for me, but is also always by my side and supports me in all my passions. My friends who have been with me for many decades and with whom I can exchange ideas creatively. I would like to thank all of these people for enriching and accompanying my life.


I am a photographer and web designer out of passion and curiosity. I'm not tied to a specific theme and I try to find something special in each project. If you now have one or the other idea for a project, just give me a call or send me a message.

What People Say

Fusun - Reiner

My dear Remo,

now we have known each other for so long and when Reiner asked me "if I would like to be his wife" and we then started planning our wedding, it was clear to me that only you would be considered as a photographer. So you had agreed,

I was very happy, because I knew exactly that you would capture this special day for Reiner and me in very special pictures.

The great security and the very relaxed relationship between and made us quickly forget the camera and so our wedding day became a real experience that we could enjoy to the fullest without stress and rush. I am happy to answer your request for a reference, because our pictures still touch me and I can hardly believe how incredibly beautiful they have become.

This is definitely due to your unmistakable eye for moments with the highest emotionality.

My conclusion: you are a great photographer with a lot of empathy and a feeling for special situations and moments and I am very happy to give you my recommendation.


Love your Fusun

Thomas - Tanja

Dear Remo,

Thank you very much for the great pictures you took on the occasion of our wedding. My gut feeling was right from our first email contact. It was a wonderful experience with you as a photographer by our side to experience this unique day. Every time we look at your pictures, we are ecstatic and we can hardly stop talking about what we are seeing. Especially the many unobserved moments that you have captured have become so incredibly valuable to us. You are just a great photographer and person. Thank you so much for everything you gave us.


Sincerely your Tanja

Ines - Frank

Dear Remo,

As luck would have it, I stumbled across your website while looking for a wedding photographer and fell in love with your work. It quickly became clear to me that you should be the photographer who should accompany us on our wedding day, because the introductory shoot was a complete success. We used the pictures from this first shoot for our invitations and were thus able to further increase the anticipation. At this point I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your patience, your ideas and your commitment that you have shown for us. Our pictures are awesome to say the least and I am so incredibly happy to have these memories.


Your Ines


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Wir sind mehr als glücklich darüber, dass Remo uns an unserem "großen" Tag begleitet hat. Wir genießen es immer wieder, die Bilder unserer Hochzeit anzuschauen und den Tag somit nochmal zu erleben. Es ist wirklich beeindruckend, wie er unsere ganz besonderen Momente eingefangen hat. Es ist nicht leicht einen Fotografen zu finden, der so einen Blick für Details und unbeobachtete Momente hat!

Remo hat einfach einen tollen Blick als Fotograf. Oft merkt man gar nicht, dass er da ist und daher macht er aus dem Hintergrund ganz wundervolle und vor allem natürliche Fotos. Für uns wäre kein anderer Fotograf für unsere Hochzeit in Frage gekommen.


Ein Fotograf mit Herz der die magischen Momente einfängt! Ohne mich zu weit aus dem Fenster zu lehnen, einige sogar Hollywood reif! Einmalige und einzigartige Erinnerungen für die Ewigkeit! Absolut spitze und seinen Preis mehr als gerecht! Lieben Dank Remo 😉


I love my life and like to share it with the people who accompany me and who are close to my heart.